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For Sale: Shoto SDA10-4850 2.4 kWH LiFePo4 Battery

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Item: Shoto SDA10-4850  48V 2.4 kWH LiFePo4 Battery.

As per image below, except the clear plastic cover over the  terminals is missing. 

Location: Jhb near Eastgate shopping centre.

Reason for selling: No longer required as have upgraded to Bain's 6.1 kWH battery https://lithiumbatteriessa.co.za/

Shipping: Preferably not.

Price: R12k slightly negotiable.

For more product info: Google it eg https://www.solardeals.co.za/solar-batteries/shoto-sda10-4850-2-4kw-48v-detail 






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17 hours ago, Shockin said:

Hi, how old is the battery? How many cycles has it gone thru

Hi Shockin

I don't know how old it is. I got it in March this year from someone who had it previously. He sold it because it did not work properly for him as he was trying to get it to add it to his existing bank of 2x Shotos (I saw them at his house)  It did not work as his installed Shotos are 16S and this unit (like Pylontechs) is 15S. A postive of buying a (used) battery with a BMS is that they are sort of idiot-proof. It is difficult to damage them from overdischarge; overcharge; over current; over temperature etc. If we had a system that could talk to the BMS (the Shoto does have RS232 and RS485 communications ports) then we could get the information from the BMS.... Sadly this communication has not been done yet and I have tried to find it on the internet; I tried emailing Shoto Africa representative listed on the Shoto website but no replies. I see on the forum there have been a few posts between ICC and forum members regarding getting the units to talk to ICC but it does not seem that this has been done yet. This is a pity as the Shoto units are quite solid. 

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On 2020/07/22 at 9:28 AM, nightbyte said:

I have a Shoto SDA10-48100 L5 48V (100Ah) I think that it is a 15 string.  Do you think that the Shoto that you are selling will be compatible with this?

Hi NightByte

From a voltage point of view it would be fine as the unit I have is definitely a 15S unit to match yours which you say is a 15S. You need to confirm this as there are some Shotos that are 16S (which is better than 15S). I think Coulomb mentioned that the BAKs are 16S.

It is not ideal to mix battery capacities but can be done as the Pylontechs can be bought in a similar non matched configuration (i.e. 2.4 and 3.5 kWH). As the batteries will be connected in parallel the voltage will be same across both batteries. 

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