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I have a 3.5kW Kwikot HP for about 4 years now. I don't have the inside info like Jaco has for the ITS, but their support network is extensive and that was the reason I went with them.

It is paired to a 150L Kwikot Geyser tank and the tank is heated to 50Deg twice a day.

I've had no issues with it. 

The controller is more basic compared to a GeyserWise controller. You can only set the zones in a day, you cannot have different settings for different days like the Geyserwise can do. But is is a set an forget.

It use around 1kW. There is a cold front this morning and it heated the tank in 1h20min. Here is my power graph from this morning when the HP was on. 

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Hi, I need to supplement my existing Solar geyser that has a 2kW element. It just struggles to provide enough hot water during Winter, Summer is ok. Been reading the gas reviews and sounds like there isn’t a saving and worrying about replacing gas bottles is a bit of PT! Does the unit get mounted on the roof next to the geyser? Is there anyone that can be recommended for an installation in Randburg? TIA

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4 hours ago, Muon said:

Does the unit get mounted on the roof next to the geyser

Think of the heat pump as the outside part of an aircon. So it is installed like those aircon units. On the outside wall somewhere. The closer to the geyser the better. 

My geyser tank is on the outside of my house, and the heatpump is mounted under it.

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