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Schubart 48V 3KWP LiFe battery specifications

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I recently installed a solar system with 3KW of PV panels and a Axpert SOL-I-AX-5P64 INVERTER and 2 x 3KWP Schubart LiFe batteries.

There are very vague specifications available for these batteries and I am wanting to find out the best settings for the charge and float voltages.

I have it set up as 30 A max charging current, with 54.8 V CV and float voltage of 53.2 V with a 44.2 V cut-off.

The system has now twice shut down completely with a tracked voltage of 47 V when cutting out and loosing communication with the WatchPower software despite the software showing the 44.2 V as the cut off. 

There are no specs wrt the number of cells and their layout or what BMS system/control is installed.

Any information available through this forum?



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Does anybody in South Africa know, what the settings on a Victron BMV should be for this battery? Nobody so far can tell me what the settings should be. It connect to a Raspberry Pi ICC via USB , and also the Inveter Via USB to the Pi.

My setup:

1 x Mecer Apert 5kW inverter

2 x Schubart 48V 3Kw LiFe batteries connect in parallel

12 x 360w SolarPanels - 6 per string in series - 2 strings g to Combiner box and then to Inverter

Thanks in advance.

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