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You can manage the minimum battery levels with the 'Time Of Use' settings under Grid Setup. I have included pictures of mine as an example. PV will be used first, and it will utilise the battery as long as the current state of charge is higher than the set minimum for that time of the day.  When it hits the minimum it will use grid power. You can also use this screen to set charging from the grid (if you have a couple of cloudy days and solar is not enough to fully charge). Note that these percentages don't limit charging from PV (so even if it is set to 80%, it will attempt to charge the battery to 100% from PV as long as there is sunlight). It does however limit charging from the grid (so if it is set to 80% at 21:00 with grid charge ticked, it will only charge to 80%).


My 'Grid Sell' is unticked, so it does not export power to the grid. 'HM Load & Zero Export' is ticked, which means it pushes power back into the non-essential loads that are not on backup (in my case this is the geyser and stove).  It does this via the grid input (it is bi-directional), and you need to have the CT clamp fitted to use this option. It will attempt to zero grid usage by using PV and battery to push into the 'home load'. So if you use this option and you have very low minimum battery levels set, you could run your batteries flat by using your stove for example. I have my geyser timer set to turn on at 12:00, at which time my minimum battery level is 100% - so the inverter will push all excess PV into the geyser without using the battery.


If 'LD Load & Zero Export' is ticked, it will only power the backed up loads and not push any power back into the non backed up circuits.


I understand that the newest firmware looks slightly different, but it should be quite similar.




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17 hours ago, Bernardf said:

by using your stove for example. I have my geyser timer

So the battery % is the minimum at the time in question?

This is actually the SoC ?

By 9am you battery is at 85% SoC?  How did it get there, no sun, no grid ticked from 60% SoC at 05:00?

Not very intuitive..

What would my settings be if I wanted to take the battery down to a low point of 30% SoC (70% DoD) between 23:00 and 06:00, the rest of the day it must be charged by the sun and if it has not hit 100% at 17:00 use the grid to charge?


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These are the minimums that the inverter looks at in order for it to decide whether to use battery power or grid power to supplement available PV to power the loads (so during load shedding these minimums are not applicable as there is no grid power). 

In my example, from 09:00 to 12:00 the inverter will not use battery power if the actual SoC is less than 85%.  So if actual SoC is 70% at 09:30, it will power loads with excess PV (whats left over from what the battery is pulling from PV to charge) + grid. If actual SoC is 90% at 11:00, it will use PV + battery, but it will stop discharging the battery when it is down to 85%.  From 12:00 to 17:00 it will use PV + grid. After 17:00 it will start using the battery, but at 85% it will use grid power, etc.

As for your question, please see the picture below. The value you enter at 06:00 will depend on your preferences. If you put 100%, you will just use PV + grid from 06:00 to 17:00, and only use your battery in the 23:00 to 06:00 period.  If you put 30% at 06:00, your battery will still charge from PV up to 100%, but throughout the day it might be discharged and re-charged a little bit multiple times if your loads are higher than available PV. If the minimum is too low in the afternoon you have to consider that you might be caught out by loadshedding, for example if you have big loads in the late afternoon on a cloudy day, you could sit at 30% SoC at 16:55 (thinking that you'll grid charge after 17:00). Then Eskom might move up a stage and you have unplanned load shedding without sunlight and with only 30% battery. That's why my minimums are quite high for the early evening.


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23 hours ago, Charlesk said:

Good day

I want to set up. My sunsynk to use pv first then battery then grid for loads and to charge the battery. Will this settings work to accomplish this? 

In the latest software there is an option to give priority to load first. 


What will happen is that PV power will first go to the loads. When PV generation exceeds the load, it will then start charging the batteries. 

You will need to set time off use settings for when PV generation starts to decrease and it will then use batteries to supplement this until a certain SOC is reached. After this it will then go to the grid and then repeat the process the following day. 

I would also set it to not charge from the grid. 


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