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Infinisolar E 5.5KW - energy safing and fan speed


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Hello all together,


since this week a own an Infinisolar E 5,5KW (technical details @ Voltronicpower.com)


It's already installed and working well, but the fans are irritating me

  1. they seem to spin all the time at full speed,  without any control depending on temperature or load state
  2. they run even at night. Without sun and without battery - without anything to do

I asked my seller and he answered, the fans are controlled by temperature and additional facts with an own logic, he wanted to send me the schema next week. But I am pretty sure, they shouldn't spin all night long. Not only they are loud, but together they are consuming 13 watts (12V, 2pcs 0,4A + 1pcs 0,55A) all the time.






  • Is this behavior normal or is there an error?
  • Can you adjust the fan speed at any point at the software or display-menue of the inverter?
  • is there a reason why the airflow is top -> down? Normally warm air is flowing up and therefor fans work this direction too to be effective.


thanks and regards


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