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New Member and call for help on Goodwe ES

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Hi All,

I have lurked around on this forum for a while and really learned that the more I learn the less I know.

I have a Goodwe ES that was installed by some village idiots about 5 years ago and it has performed okay. I now need advise or assistance to firstly wifi connect (I have no control at the mo) and then to check the condition of the system. 

I would like to know of and recommended installers who know the Goodwe well and could could help me. I would appreciate professional or amateur help and am not looking for a freebie in either case.


If you guys know of someone I would appreciate the contact details or your help. At this point I mostly need help with wifi connection and quite possibly a firmware upgrade. The system in in Bryanston Jhb.


Many thanks,

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Those instructions look correct. There have been reports on this forum of difficulty in getting a reliable wi-fi connection with a Goodwe inverter. I was one of those folks, and in the end what sorted it out for my inverter was a firmware upgrade. There are two firmware modules on the inverter - one for wifi and one for everything else.

Upgrading the firmware would be a good idea. It may be necessary to do this from a PC, over a cable if you can't get wi-fi working reliably.

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Grateful thanks to all who replied. I will have a crack at the at the wifi first and let you know. The challenge I face is that the wifi was previously connected to a router that has been disconnected. I also believe that the firmware update is only supported on PC, not MAC so I'll need to get around that one.


Thanks guys..!


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