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Voltronic (Kodak) VMiii Bypass Glitch


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I've been running my Kodak VMiii for 5 months, and it's behaved perfectly except for one problem, which honestly appears to be a firmware glitch. Wondering if anyone else has the same problem?

My settings for 23 is definitely bYE which should mean that if there is an overload while on SBU, it should bypass to grid. The problem I have is that under specific conditions it doesn't bypass and rather just shuts down completely... rather irritating... The manual splits the overload protection into three bands: up to 105% rating is fine, 10 seconds at 105-130% and 5s at >130%. On my system it won't bypass if below 105% (functioning correctly), will bypass if >130% but if the load is between 105% and 130% for 10s - system shuts down... 

To me, this can only be a faulty inverter or bad firmware? My firmware versions are: U1=4103 U2=0200 U3=0024. Anyone know of available firmware updates for the Kodak 3kw VMiii?

Here are some recordings from my logs showing the three scenarios:

3.109kw - no trip or bypass (you can see the peak come down to 2kw after 15s as my home assistant turns the geyser off to reduce load)


3.284kw - completely trips the power - inverter displays error 07 for overload. Ignore the values getting held, this is just grafana carrying through previous value when none is saved because the rPi crashes when the power dies.


3.899kw - system bypasses correctly to grid. You can see the PV input goes to zero and then slowly ramps back up to charge the batteries, with the load supplied completely from the grid. Reverts back to normal when the load drops back to 2kw.


While this problem is irritating, I have been living with it as it's not often we exceed 3kw and have this fault... But would be great to fix it!

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Oh, just to add - this tripping behaviour isn't present when in any other mode than SBU. SUB and USB are fine, which is my alternative if I know it's likely we'll be overloading the system a little. Home automation schedules this change on days our domestic worker is here for example.

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23 hours ago, JaseZA said:

this tripping behaviour isn't present when in any other mode than SBU

I don't have time to investigate at present. It's possible that this is by design; after all, SBU means that U (Utility) has the lowest priority.

The VM III firmware that I have (now quite old) has the most complex mode switch behaviour of all the firmwares I've looked at.

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