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Axpert 5KW shutting down - disconnects load


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Good day all. Please assist.

Have 2 x 5Kw Axpert Inverters connected in Parallel, 7 x 2.4kw Pylontech batterybank and  16 x 355W (2 strings) and ICC running on a Raspberry Pi3B. For no obvious reason the system now just shuts down at least once a week. Seems to happen when batteries are almost full. No sign of high load or anything that we can trace. After the "shutdown" the inverters disconnects from the Load and all power has to be re-cycled to get system powered on again. Fault 80 pops up afterwards. Could Fault 80 cause the system to shut down? System installed in Jan/Feb 2020 and had no other issues.

Has anyone come across something like this and how can we fix it please.

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-29 at 15.09.09.jpeg

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28 minutes ago, Ridiq said:

We are not sure if the Fault 80 is the cause of the shutdown. We did experience the Error 80 code when setting up the system initially but never again, except now after the shutdowns.

Certainly fault code 80 (CAN data loss) can cause a shutdown; any fault puts the inverter into fault mode, which doesn't do much. It might charge the battery (possibly only from solar, and possibly only on 145 V SCC models), and it might power the loads from utility. Not much else.

I'm surprised you see the fault after a shutdown. Faults aren't stored like trouble codes in your car; they are the result of things happening while operating. In the case of fault code 80, the slave has to not see CAN comms for a certain amount of time. So I don't see how it would happen immediately after a shutdown.

My guess is that you have some problem with either a paralleling cable (probably the VGA-like grey cables rather than the red-black twisted current share cables), or the parallel cards that these plug into. There is a small chance it could be some other electronics (buffer chips, for example) between the paralleling boards and the DSP. I assume you've checked the cables for tightness. I'd consider purchasing a paralleling kit; that would give you a new board and cable set; start swapping them about to see what makes a difference. If you find it's hardware, you may be able to get your supplier to refund the kit.

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@Coulomb thanks a lot for the reply. We replaced the 2 x units on site with two that were not used in parallel to see if the problem persists and if the problem is caused by some external  issues. Connectors were in tightly. Inverters are the 450V models (Mark 2's), so lets hope for the best. When we installed the system in Jan 2020 had one or two issues with Error 80 but after a reset all came right and did not think much of it. Seems that is just getting more frequently though. Will keep you updated.
Thanks again for the assistance.

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