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Infini solar problem

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Hi Guys

I am very confident somebody here will identify what i am missing.

A client has the following system:

3x10kw 3p Infinisolar in parallel.

1x 30kwh Freedom Won battery

20kwp solar.

63A mains breakers on load and supply side.

Priorities set as :

pv, battery, grid

During the day system runs with no issues.

But at night/early morning (around 5am), the batteries have Error 13 (low battery at 49 which is the cut of point set and return to grid).

But when switching from battery to grid, it switches off the power supply to the house.

We observed via a video (too large to post) that there was around 98A discharge demand on the inverters whilst the battery is at 50V.

Client switches manually to Grid via 100A manual change over switch and house gets power.

Where could i be missing it?



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I have the Infini / Mecer 10kw 3 phase system and it has just been shutting down totally for no apparent reason at all: warm, clear skies etc and Eskom up an running.

Has anyone else experienced this at all ? Whole house off, Eskom running, solar was running 100% and batteries are 100% full.

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As stated many times, the inverters itself do not have a password - only SolarPower software wants one when changing major settings.

The password can be found in this manual hys-3000-ba-de-neu  on page 16, right after the word "Werkspasswort".

It is also posted here: infinisolar-3kw-plus-factory-password in the last post.

This is valid and working on all voltronic invertes that get configured with solarpower.

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I had a similar issues, I played with another return to grid setting on the solarpower software which fixed the issue. I cannot remember the exact setting but it did fix the issue for my client, I know how to get to this setting if I am in front of the laptop but for the life of me cannot remember the exact wording. Also I use ICC on this particular 3ph system and its only 1 3ph inverter not 3. 

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