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Richard older


hi all


ok ill put it simple.

i have the mecer inverter sol-1-ax-3m24,

6 x 100 or 110 deep cycle batteries

i just bought a ryobi inverter generator if i start gen at dusk to boost bats i get the circle with the ~ but no dots to the bat icon so does this mean its not charging as they dont move, so

i need to know if there is a setting on the mecer invt i need to enter/change? and how 



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Ok, so that is a 24V inverter which means that you need 24V charger

The generator you said you have (pic attached) does not have capability to charge a 24V (or even 12V) battery, but USB devices only.

You need a battery charger as I am positive that AC input in the mecer inverter is connected to the grid.
If I am wrong and you don't have the grid connected to your inverter input, then you can connect the generator output ( the ~ sign) to the input of mecer inverter.

Hope that makes sense



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10 hours ago, Richard older said:

if there is a setting on the mecer invt i need to enter/change? and how 

I mentioned that you need Uti in setting 01 in your other question. BTW, it's good that you got an inverter-based generator; these are the ones best tolerated by the Axperts (Mecers are Axperts).

As to how, it's all in your manual. But briefly, if you are using Watchpower and have it all set up, it's pretty obvious and easy. Otherwise, long press on enter to enter configuration mode; use up and down to get to setting 01 (probably just one press of the down button, to "go down the manual page" or "up in setting number"). Short press on enter to configure that setting. Use up and down to cycle through the options; stop on Uti. Within a few seconds, press enter to accept the change. Press escape (left button) to exit configuration.

I believe that the default setting on your model for setting 16 (charger source priority) is CUt, which means utility charging only unless there is no AC-in. That should get you generator charging. If you have solar, you'll want to change that to SNU (Solar aNd Utility), so if you have solar power available it will do some of the charging.

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