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Pylontech X1 H48050 serial port


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Is there anyone that has found out what the pinout are for the 8 pin RJ45 serial port on the powercube batteries H48050?
And as a follow up question... is there anyone that has tested if the Batteryview program is compatible with these batteries? (That was my idea to test when I had found the pinout...)

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I finally found out! There is 8 pin RJ45 marked rs232 on the BMS sc0500a-100s (I have 7 pylontech H48050 connected to the BMS). I connected a normal ethernet cable and wired:

* white green cable to pin 2 on the 9 pole dsub female
* green cable to pin 3 on the 9 pole dsub female
* brown cable to pin 5 on the 9 pole dsub female

Connected the dsub to the serial port on the PC. (USB to serial adapter). Started putty and opened the port on 115200 baud. Press enter and the pylontech debug menu is opened. Quite impressive of all data you can read outl Everything from statistic, cycles, voltage on each single cell, alarm and event history. The pylontech enginners has made a good job and I'm happy they has left this debug info open. It will make it very easy to troubleshoot if/when a battery fails. Example of print-out:

Device address           0
EvenData Items  :       35
HistData Items  :      512
MiscData Items  :      128
Charge Cnt.     :        0
Discharge Cnt.  :     4954
Charge Times    :     3093
Status Cnt.     :     4953
Idle Times      :     4901
COC Times       :        0
DOC Times       :        0
COCA Times      :        0
DOCA Times      :        0
SC Times        :        0
.....printout shortened here.,,,
RV Times        :        0
Input OV Times  :        0
SOH Times       :       27
BMICERR Times   :        0
CYCLE Times     :       56
Pwr Percent     :       74
Pwr Coulomb(mAS): 132380712
Pwr PercentWatt :       73
Bat CoulWatt(mWH):  116859014
Dsg Cap(mAH)    :  2848357
SOH Percent     :      100
His.Chg Cap(WH) :   637783
His.Dsg Cap(WH) :   632016
Day Chg Cap(WH) :        0
Day Dsg Cap(WH) :     2730
Min.Chg Cap(WH) :        0
Min.Dsg Cap(WH) :     2730
Command completed successfully

As an example, the above info shows 74% battery remaining today,  I have charged them 637 kWh and discharged them 632. Number of cycles 56.
(There is a lot of commands to select between)

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