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Load Shedding kit questions


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I recently purchased a load shedding kit to power my home when Eskom is down. The idea was to get something decent which I could upgrade to solar at a later stage. 

I purchased an Axpert 5kva 4kw inverter with a 5kw UFO lithium battery. I had the items setup and it works. I have all my lights and plugs connected except stove, geyser and pool pump.

I have basic knowledge of the system and I would like to find out if anyone else has a similar setup, their experience with it and how does it work in detail and the settings for it to run efficiently. For eg, what do the readings mean on the display ect...

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I run a 5kW Axpert Mecer unit, with Pylontech US3000 on Rasberry Pi with ICC monitoring software, with exactly the same setup, of excluding Non essentials & large appliances. 
On a normal evening, i run about 800w, till bedtime, which then drops to about 500w. With this setup i get roughly 5-6 hours backup. My unit is setup for failover or ups setting only, as i also don’t have any solar panels as yet. 
i am very happy with this setup for now, but will definately expand to another 5KW unit and more battery power, to eventually run off grid. 

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37 minutes ago, Kieftus said:

Can you assist me... Where's the best place to buy the rasberry pi... And how do you put the monitoring software onto the system. I would like the BMS of the rct axpert 5k to work with my pylontech and via the wifi see whats happening on my phone 

Thank you Keith 

You can contact Manie on [email protected] as he sells the complete Pi with Software & cable.

It is already pre configured, so just get the cable for the Battery, Which I believe he can assist with as well

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