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My Sunsynk 8kw install


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Hi. First post on the forum. 

I've been researching and wanting to go solar for a number of years now but finally been able put together and install my system last month. 


My final plan is to eventually be able to go fully off grid and wanted something that can scale. 


Decided on the following:

1 x Sunsynk 8kw hybrid inverter 

3 x 3.5kw pylontech batteries 

28 x 305w Canadian solar panels (four strings of seven) 

I had my DB split into non essential loads and essential loads and left some loads before the inverter. Essential loads are all plugs and lights in the main house. Non essential loads are 2 inverter Air conditioners and geyser. Geyser is solar but sometimes I need to use the element in winter. Loads before the inverter is a cottage in renting out and my pumps for pool and of grid water pumps. 

Cooking is all on gas. 


I have limited roof space so decided to use the carport. I know that the panels are not ideally angled with only about a 10° incline on the carport. 


Overall I'm very satisfied with the outcome with one small issue that I still need to resolve. Only 3 of the strings are currently active and i still need to figure out the issue on the one string. 


The sunsynk inverter was very easy to configure and setup. My average daily consumption is 40 kWh so not enough solar currently to go off grid. Eventually I will increase the battery bank to 8 x 3.5kw pylontech batteries. 

11 days in and I just passed 200 kWh off Solar production with the 21 x 305w panels. 


Limit on attachments so will link to thread where I documented my installation with pics. Hope link is allowed. 



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Some issues I have is with the battery settings.


I have 3 x US3000 Pylontech batteries. The inverter is set to Lithium and protocol 5 as per the Sunsynk manual.

The inverter picks up the individual batteries only if all the dip switches are down but it does not pick up the SOC from the BMS. I ran it overnight like this and battery discharged to 20% SOC as per the LED lights on the batteries but inverter was still showing 100% SOC.

If I set the second dip switch up on the master battery, then the inverter does pick up the SOC of the entire bank and does not report the status of the individual batteries. It also does not pick up the voltage or temperature of the batteries when the second dip switch is up.

I'm not sure if there are any other setting I can try but for now I will leave the second dip switch on the master battery up.


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