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Good Morning All

Thank you for allowing me to join the forum. I have a new installation of 3 x 5Kw Axpert Invertors, 30 x 325w panels and currently 12 x 200Amp/12v Gel/Acid batteries. The setup works quite well, although I will have to upgrade on the batteries soonest also some more panels as the split currently over the invertors is 9/9/12 and would like to balance the spread.

The question that I have is, having monitored the system for a month now is that I see the PV falling away in sudden incidents during the day. I'm not talking about dropping when load is low but falling to zero.

Comments welcome, I'm still learning a lot. 

Pi Data 12.08.2020.PNG

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Morning Wayne 


The PV falling away is because there is not enough load to use the available PV at that point in time. Ideally your Solar graph should look like a hill, gradually climbing on one end and descending on the other which will indicate max use of PV production during the day. 


I see you using time control on your batteries, by 17:00 your system uses no battery power and only starts using it again from around 09:00. Have you considered maybe starting to drain your batteries from around 06:00 in the morning so that your solar will "charge" them back up during the day. 


Alternatively start using home automation to switch on items during the day, i.e Pool Pump, Geysers,  Pool heaters, tumbler dryers, dish washers so you can spread the load out evening during the day to also maximize PV production. 

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Thank you for your input. Yes busy with the identification of the sources of load during high sessions and seeing if I can spread it or illuminate it by buying lower energy consumers. Geysers are already on timers to cater for draw during solar peaks for now will later go to dedicated solar panels for the geyser and 48v elements.

I understand the drop during low load demand but there is some blips were it just drops to zero which I can not find a reason for.


InkedPi Data 12.08.2020_LI.jpg

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1 hour ago, Blowdart18 said:

@WayneE Agreed on this. I also suspect it the voltages going over 145V. Have a look at that. 2S configuration for your panels will be better. 

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