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Axpert ac connection


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I am in the final stage of my install, I have an Axpert 5kva with 2 pylontech us3000. I now want to do the ac input to  the inverter, do I take the ac from before the earth leakage or after the earth leakage ie: eskom to main switch to circuit breaker to inverter or eskom to main switch to earth leakage  to cicuit breaker to inverter?


Pics of installation  will follow soon .

Thank you 

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2 hours ago, Shockin said:

I now want to do the ac input to  the inverter, do I take the ac from before the earth leakage or after the earth leakage

I guess there is different options but what I  have done is installed a dedicated socket outlet “not on earth leakage” next to my inverter, this is before the earth leakage (Red plug type with flat earth pin) This socket than feed my inverter ac in. I can unplug it if I dont want any Eskom power into my inverter. That also ensures the inverter can operate completely off grid the batteries allow it.


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7 hours ago, wimsza said:

what settings do you use for reverting to ESKOM, and at what state of charge etc

I have set my inverter to SBU - solar energy first priority and battery to supplement solar if solar is not sufficient, I always keep my Eskom power to the inverter switched off, only plug it in when I need to charge batteries due to bad weather, I recently replaced my old gel batteries with a pylontech 3.5KWH battery so I have not yet installed a rasberry pi and have only been monitoring my battery with bateryview and it seems that my battery’s furthest drop was to 60% state of charge during the day. And by late afteenoon it’s back at 100% SOC. I have split my DB in three sections.

Critical section for Alarm system, electric fence, cctv’s, gate motor, wifi, lights.

Essential Section - All plugs feeding TV’s, computers, fridges etc.

Normal section - oven, dishwasher, tumble drier, geyser. (Once i get a second pylontech I will swing these loads essential aswell)

My Essential and critical switches automatic between 06h00 and 18h00 everyday with contactors, controlled by sonoff switches, While the normal section stay on on Eskom. I use a clone Axpert

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