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military battery chargin


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i have bought a military battery at a yard sale and i want to make a solar rig with it i have successfully discharged from it using the positive and negative holes but i cant seem to charge it using the same method can anyone try to help me?



the positive is the upper hole and the ground is the bottom hole, does anyone know whats the hole next to the negative is for?

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3 hours ago, irmir10 said:

but i cant seem to charge it using the same method

It might be like the batteries that come with portable drills and the like. These have built-in BMS which prevent over-discharge, but also manage charging. The ones I'm slightly familiar with have two terminals for charging, T1 and T2; yours seems to have only one.

You might get some clues from this topic in an EV forum:


So you might just have to drag the non-discharge terminal towards one or the other (use a resistor to limit current, start with 100 kΩ and work down to maybe 1 kΩ), or you might have to send data. If the latter, you're likely to have to just pull it apart and re-use just the cells. If the former, you could rig up a special plug for charging.

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