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Different brands in a bank


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Quick Question and advise needed.

Customer has 1x 48v Huawei 100amp

(4.8kwh) battery feeding a cloned 5kva axpert jobbie from the sun pays.

After checking specs the battery BMS is limited to 50amp output only, 

Battery routinely cuts power to inverter above 50amp draw,

Now I can't find these for sale lately,

Can I add a Narada 100amp 48v lithium to the current setup with known 100amp output? 

Anything to watch out for? (Besides the clone)


Thanks in Advance 

From NF N


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Are they both LiFePO4? And are they both 15s? If so I think you can parallel them. Before paralleling them measure the voltages without load, they should be the same. Otherwise big currents will flow...

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As long as you stay inside the minimum range of all the settings it should be fine. That 40V cutout on the Narada does look extreme in any case (40/15= 2.67V per cell - much better to stay above 2.8V per cell)

So just use 53.5 for charging and 44V for discharge cutout and both batteries will be happy (the Narada will live longer as well)

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