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Help needed with configuring Victron BMV-700

Bobby Kaucic

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Hi all,
so I have a dilemma/confusion regarding the configuration of my Victron BMV-700.

My current configuration is [4 x Omnipower OPR120-12 in series] x 2 = 48V battery bank.
Also, there is a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 250/85 with 12 x 330W solar panels (4 series x 3).

I've looked at the videos on how it should be configured but I don't think I clearly understood it (most probably because of MPPT in the mix as well as ESS that I think overrides the settings of MPPT)
They said that the charged voltage should be slightly less then absorption charged voltage (which I presume is the voltage that I see on my phone when I connect to MPPT and look under configuration), but I am really not sure.

All of it just sounds a bit confusing...

Can anyone try and simplify it somehow?

OmniPower OPR120 Datasheet.pdf

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1 hour ago, Bobby Kaucic said:

ESS that I think overrides the settings of MPPT)

In this case, the solar chargers get their charge voltage from the Multi. So whatever you've got set as the absorption voltage on the Multi (in VE.Configure) minus a little bit (0.5V or so), is the voltage you want to use as "charged voltage".

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Oh, ok...I didn't know that, thank you :)

Then I should make the value to 57.7?
I also have DVCC active, would that make a difference? I setup max charge current of 40A there

Also, do these settings look ok? (I didn't set this up so I wouldn't know if this is in order, and the person that did is long gone)


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