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Power Forum Store Supplied Solar Equipment SUNSYNK Inverter

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We are very proud to showcase a Solar installation of Solar equipment Power Forum Store supplied to a Power Forum Member 

Equipment List 

1     Sunsync 5kw True Hybrid Single phase with Duel MPPT 5 Year Warranty
3    Phylontech US 3000 3.5KW Lithium Battery 10 year warranty
1    Cable Pack for US2000B / US3000 / Phantom-S Solar Batteries
1    Pylon US3000B x3 Cabinet With Support Rails
12  JA Solar 380W Mono Percium 5BB Silver Frame 12 year warranty 
12   Renusol End Clamp+ 30 - 50mm Silver
18   Renusol Middle Clamp+ 31 - 51mm Silver
30  Renusol MetaSole+ Sheet thickness: steel 0.50-1.50 mm, aluminium 0.5-2.00mm
1    PV Combiner 600V Protection Box 2 Inputs 2 Outputs 16A Isolator Type II SPD
1    Earth Neutral Bridge Box for AC Protection Box
1    KETO Battery Disconnector with 160A Fuses
2   Battery Cable 1m - Black
2   Battery Cable 1m - Red
1    Helukabel 6mm2 single-core DC cable 25m - Black
1    Helukabel 6mm2 single-core DC cable 25m - Red
8    MC4 Female Connector - Single
8    MC4 Male Connector - Single
4    Cable Terminal Lug M8 - Single

Configuration 6 x 390 Watt Mono panels  with a total rating of 2.340 KW per MPPT 2 x MPPT's On the Sunsynk 5.5 KW Euro Spec

3 x 3.5 KW Pylontech Batteries with a total Rating of 10.5 KW and Max sustained load of 5.4 KW 

The Installer was Werner From Elecdelite an he did a sterling job of installing the Solar system 

Power Forum Store assisted the Client with system design and spec.

If you need assistance of any kind related to your solar power requirements do not hesitate to contact Power Forum Store.

View the attached pictures 

Battery Box Closed.jpeg

Battery Box with Batteries.jpeg

Battery Fuses.jpeg

Complete view of system.jpeg

earth neutral box and subdb.jpeg

Roof Install.jpeg

Sprague and earth spikes.jpg

Sunsynk Inverter.jpeg


Solar Cable in Galv Pipes.jpg

the team 2.jpg

the team.jpg


Power Feed From Mains.jpeg


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Very professional and neat installation love the attention to detail some of the best I have seen to date. Also love to see Sunsynk installs great Idea to mount the battery box on sturdy brackets looks much nicer than batteries on the floor. Also love the galvinized pipes used for the solar cables and earth cables really rounds everthing off. Even the Solar panels are mounted perfectly. I am impressed.

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