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Multiplus II solar vs pv vs battery ratios


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33 minutes ago, Tariq said:

What criteria is used by the inverter decide on how much power to draw from the grid and how much from the battery

The inverter size. Your inverter is a 3kva/2400watt. In this case your load seems to be a resistive load, so the 3000va will apply. It will take from the panels what it can and add from the batteries to make up the 3000va (Rating of inverter) - losses. The balance then has to come from the grid. 

3289 (Load) -2267 (PV Production) -445 (Battery) -837 (Grid)  = -260Watt (conversion losses). 

If you had a 5kva unit, everything in this case would have come from panels and battery, nothing from the grid.. 

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