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Newbie with Enatel Inverters

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Hi Guys.

I have followed this Forum for some time now and it has given me some very good information, in setting up a small Inverter system in my house.

I have however, stumbled across about 10 off Cell Tower power units, on an Auction and went into a "group buy" with a friend. So I am the proud owner of some of these units.

They consist of a shed load of electronics, a total overkill for my needs, but I believe I can salvage some items from these monsters, to set up a decent system.

These units are Servatis Power units, made to run on 3phase power, with full-on "self sustainable" equipment, like 2 x 3Phase ATS units, 2 x 48V DC Aircons, Fire alarm, Temp probes, MTN cell Comms unit, complete with a Mitsubishi PLC and electronic relays, to manage this whole lot!

The equipment I am interested in, in this tower, is as follows:

8 x Enatel IM15230-48 Inverters

6 x Enatel RM3048XE Rectifiers

2 x Enatel SM35 Supervisory Modules

It seems, from the wiring, if there were 2 systems running in parallel, with 4x Inverters, 3x Rectifiers and 1 Supervisory module.

I have been able to start the unit up and all is working fine, in 3 phase mode.

from going through the wiring and layout, I have been able to also get it running in single phase mode.

My question is, will this be able to run the newer Li Ion Batteries and manage them properly?

I have not spent any time fiddling with it yet, but would love some expert feedback on how I can set up this system as a single Power backup unit, in a single phase environment.

I realise that it does not have Solar support currently, but will consider adding MPPT, etc. at later stage.

Any help with this setup, will be greatly appreciated!






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4 hours ago, Ollie said:

My question is, will this be able to run the newer Li Ion Batteries and manage them properly

If you can set the charge voltages to custom values, then yes.

Inverters tend to be able to handle a fairly wide voltage range on the DC side (batteries) as the State Of Charge changes the Voltages changes as well (especially in Lead Acids), so that is normally not a problem.
The problem comes that Lithium batteries charge at higher voltages than Lead Acids, so you need to be able set those charge outputs. 

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Thanks for the reply, Louis.

The Enatel SM35/36 Supervisory module allows for multiple settings to be made, to Charge, etc. (see image below) 

I would need to spend some time with the manual, to determine which settings I need to tweak.

But is seems possible - in theory :)

Here is a link to the manual and description, if it will help



Many thanks!



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29 minutes ago, Ollie said:


That already tells me that these were used with 16 cell LiFePO4 batteries. 

The 56V is a give away as lead acids would have had lower charge voltages. 

If you get 16S Lithium batteries then you only need to change the Battery Test Termination Voltage to 46V (44V is a bit low) and then it should work well. 
Pylontech (and I think Freedomwon as well) are 16S or the batteries from LithiumBatteriesSA should work. Or build your own :) 

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Thanks for you advice, guys.

I will attempt to strip the unit out of the enclosure, as I do not want to even attempt to make it work in it's current state.

I will sell off all the redundant bits, to try and recoup some of my money.

I foresee some extra investment, in an ATS for Single phase and obviously a Solar charger and solar panels.

As can be seen on these photos, the unit was definitely running as a dual system of 4 inverters, 3 rectifiers and one controller per circuit.

I will keep you posted on how I progress.

Thanks again!Enatel3.thumb.jpg.381257e35ccac3555948b99e2b100499.jpg





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