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Guidance requested on Shoto SDA10-48100L5 battery settings


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I have a Mecer Axpert King inverter with 2 Shoto Lithium-ion (LFP) SDA10-48100L5 batteries (which I believe are 15S). The batteries are paralleled in a Master and Slave cascade.  The cascade communication is RS485/RJ45 wired as per the user manual.  

User manual values are:

Charging; minimum 53.2V, typical 56.4V and maximum 57.5V

BMS total system protection for high voltage is 54.0V alarm, with protection at 54.75V

I am very much a novice when it comes to Solar systems and have obtained much guidance from this Forum.  When I set my system to the 56.4V charging value,  the 4 green charge level and the run LED illuminated and stayed steady, seeming to indicating (from the manual) an over voltage protection condition.  As soon as I changed the setting to 53.2V the condition normalized and has not reoccurred.  I then tried different settings up to 53.8V without a re-occurrence of the condition.  At 54.0V it again occurred and I have concluded that this was the BMS initiating the alarm condition and that the BMS was doing exactly as programmed.

I have therefore set my charging value to 53.2V. This conforms to the manufacturer’s minimum setting, maintains warranty and on a cell level is 3.547V. The critical maximum upper level for LFP cells is I believe, 3.65V.  I hope that this setting will allow the batteries to safely reach 99.75% SOC with a small safety margin.

I understand that on reaching the fully charged value, the batteries enter a condition called Float, at which they spend much of their time.  Is it necessary to hold them at the charge voltage level?  Forum information on this topic, from many experienced members suggests that it is not necessary, or desirable and recommend Float be set at between 51.8V and 52.4V, allowing a greater safety margin under the critical 3.65V cell value.  I have therefore set the Float on my system to 52.2V.  My user manual does not address Float settings.

My system has been operating on these settings for a few weeks now (tail end of winter).  I hope that Forum members will comment so that I may gain from their greater knowledge and insight, as I do not want to damage my batteries.

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HI nightbyte,


I also have 2 X of the same Shoto batteries in parallel, using a Victron Easy solar. Where did you get the user manual you mention "The batteries are paralleled in a Master and Slave cascade.  The cascade communication is RS485/RJ45 wired as per the user manual." 

I do not have any communication between the batteries, they are only connected in parallel and of course I use + from one battery and - from the 2nd.

I have no idea what the SOC LED's mean, do you have more information?


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