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ELB on Victron EasySolar-II power out NOT tripping


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Hi all, thanks for a great platform!

My setup; Victron EasySolar-II (Multilplus-II GX with SmartSolar MPPT all-in-one).
Main DB in house and Inverter DB in garage. Main DB feed to Inverter trough 30A breaker. Inverter DB ELB between power out from Multiplus to essential load breakers. Common ground connection between ESKOM and Multiplus. 2 X Earth pegs, 1 for PV array frames and 1 for EasySolar and Battery ground connections. 

All works fine but... if I use a plug tester to check for ELB trip on power out from Multiplus, the Main DB ELB only trips, inverter DB ELB not.

If I press the test button on inverter DB ELB, it trips and no power to essential load breakers as it should be. 

I saw some of Plonkster’s replies wrt Neutral bonding, bur it seems the Victron has taken care of that.

Any ideas as to why the inverter DB ELB does not function as it should?

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  • hannesk changed the title to ELB on Victron EasySolar-II power out NOT tripping
10 hours ago, hannesk said:

Any ideas as to why the inverter DB ELB does not function as it should?

It could be that the upstream one is more sensitive, and trips first. But the second one should also trip... so this is only half an explanation.

What I would do for a start is to isolate the input of the inverter so it runs in islanded mode. Then test the RCD on the output on its own. The Tester should have multiple ranges, so you can increase the current until it trips (if ever). Most RCDs trip at 20mA. Maybe the one on the output just needs a bit more.

If that still doesn't do the trick, then you need to look at wiring. The RCD tested actually doesn't care how good your earth spikes are (etc etc), all it does is take a small amount of current from the live conductor and sends it down the earth conductor, thereby creating an imbalance between live and neutral. A disconnected earth conductor, or a missing TN bond is the two conditions that will cause this test to fail. I don't think you have a disconnected earth (cause then the grid-side RCD also wouldn't trip), which leave TN bonding...

Even though the EasySolar (which is really just a Multiplus-II) has the whole relay bonding test, and should bond it, perhaps you should still check it to be sure. Measure voltage between neutral and earth while running islanded and make sure it is zero, or very close to zero (millivolts at most).

If the bonding is not done, then we need to check the configuration of the inverter (with VE.Configure), and lastly you may even have a warranty claim if all else fails.

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Thanks for the replies, the solution;

Tested voltage between N and E with AC in feed isolated, measures 0.14V, checked all connections again-and-again, all OK

Decided to change Victron grid code to confirm ground relay tick is selected, still waiting for a password from Victron.

Decided to replace the ELB with an old CBI I have... Issue found, so the ACDC brand ELB is faulty, with the CBI ELB it works 100%

Moral of the story, be careful using ACDC brand breakers, this is the 2nd faulty ELB from their brand I got in 1 month... 

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