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How to convert a (grid tied) Sunnyboy into an off-grid

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I need information on how to change/(add-on) a Sunnyboy 3kW grid-tied inverter into an off-grid inverter.  Or shall I just swop it for an off-grid inverter (if anybody is interested).  I also have the smart meter (Enermax+) that's currently installed with it.

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32 minutes ago, Cassie said:

Sunnyboy 3kW grid-tied inverter into an off-grid inverter

You can of coarse connect it to the output of a 3kva Victron with batteries. The PV inverter wll  then take the place of the MPPT in the system , that should be the most effective way of doing it.. 

Doing it that way, you will even harvest the sun while the grid is off. 

If the unit is too old, and without Sunspeck, you would need a Carlo to tell the ESS what the PV inverter is generating. (it is needed for control) 

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1 hour ago, Richard Mackay said:

What price are you selling it for??

Hi Richard,  If I can buy another Pylontech US3000 for what I can get for the inverter plus the Enermax+ smart meter and 2x home managers, I'll be happy.   You can contact me directly at [email protected]  I noticed the Pylontech's is now R19 000 at Solar & Inverter Warehouse.

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