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ICC/Diversified Solutions alternative contacts?


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Anyone have alternative contact details for Manie at ICC or Riaan at Diversified Solutions other than their email addresses?

I bought ICC about a month ago and had great, efficient service from Manie who answered several stupid noob questions patiently and also recommended that I get a Pylontech cable from Riaan.

I chatted with Riaan about a cable- i wanted an unusual length- and also got great service. Made up and tested my cable quickly. Then (before requesting payment, so I've lost nothing) he stopped responding to my emails. So he's made me a cable and I've accepted his price but now can't complete the transaction.

I've tried contacting Riaan multiple times and also asked Manie to try to reestablish comms, but I'm getting no response out of either of them. Judging by earlier communications this seems very out of character for both of them and I can only suspect something external is wrong.

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Thank you Riaan.

Somehow my mails don't seem to be reaching you.

I got your mail you just sent now and replied to it. Should you not get that, then it's been swallowed by the internet like the others. But at least we can communicate here if needed.


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