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Charging of pylontech when loadshedding


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Hi All,

So we had loadshedding from 3-7 yesterday afternoon. By 7PM my pylontech was on 20% battery and I feared that it would run flat to 10% and automatically switch off as its has done a few times if we have had loadshedding and cloudy days.

I therefore switches as much off in the house as I could so try preserver it to the morning when PV would start charging.

To my surprise, it was at 100% capacity this morning. Surely Eskom didnt charge the battery when loadshedding finished?

I have a Axpert 5KVA-48DC running the ICC software, I didnt know this was possible? Any insights?

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Why are you doubting that the batteries were charged by Eskom?  Without knowing your setup and settings, 2 items could have changed the source priority:

  1. The voltage dropped below the specified parameter, the inverter then changed the source priority and started to charge the battery
  2. You have the battery SOC activated in ICC, when the SoC drops below the specified range then ICC will change the source priority and charge the batteries and the specified current.
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