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Easysolar II max use of pv


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The Easysolar ii is 3 kVa, has a 250/70 MPPT, the pv array is 4300 watts, this morning the pv was generating 3400 watts while charging the battery full out and running a microwave at about 1800 watts, now an hour later the geyser is on as per the attached picture but only generating 2700 watts, the sun is out with no clouds and 15 degrees temperature . Does it have to do with the 3 kVa rating and the fact that earlier when it was charging the battery at 50 amps, the the ac load was less than 3kVa


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Thanks for conforming my thinking, I had started with a 2900 watt array, but as the Easysolar II is rated for a 4000 watt array, for some reason I was under the mistaken impression that the 4300 watt array would cover my geyser/tumble dryer loads fully. Anyway, not a complete loss, it still helps, with a completely overcast/drizzly day yesterday, still managed to hit 2400 watts

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