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Inverter sizing


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Start by measuring startup and then running amps. 
My 4kw hybrid trips immediately when my 2.2kW borehole pump starts up when on 9.6kWhr Pylontech batteries. 
it pulls 35A starting and then reduces to 15A running. 
With the mains on it does not trip as it then can supply the amps. Provided nothing else is using too many amps at the same time. It shows usage of up to 128% without stressing. 
You do not state if you run on batteries only. 

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Thanks Johandup

The inverter is powered by solar (15 x 275w  3S/5P) and a GCL 5.6kwh lithium. The unit actually starts and runs the pump but with a flashing fault light which I think is overload warning. I installed the system for a client who bought it himself. I did warn him that the unit does not have the overload capacity to supply the inrush current which I can measure....82 Amps at 230 Vac. The unit rating is 5kw/5kVa which does not make sense to me. 5kVa at a power factor of .7 (which is probably optimistic) is 3.5kw.

I need a suitably sized unit that can take the punishment....I am investigating the Microcare 8Kw unit, I think that will be OK but I certainly do appreciate any input from people like yourself.

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