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Calculating volts and amps of panels first connected in series and then in parallel

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I have 4 Canadian 320w panels connected. They are divided into 2 strings of 2 panels each and then connected in parallel with y-MC4 connectors. The Voc of each panel is 45v and their Imp 8amp. Am I correct in calculating their combined volts as 90 and their amps as 16? Is the 30amp of the fuse in the combiner box high enough for their current?

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You are correct re the 90v / 16A... Not knowing the model, just check the MAX / PEAK current ratings re the fuse... Rather blow fuses than panels.. If your panels are peaking at 8 amp, I would personally go lower than 30A as that is almost double the peak rating. I would sooner look at around a 20A

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You need to confirm the model of your panels and then find the data sheet online

In my case, I have the CS3U-355P panels


As per the data sheet, they have a short circuit AMP rating of 9.67A per panel. In a 2S2P config this would mean that the fuse should ideally be 20A and not higher (to be effective)

I would presume a 20A be the best fit for yours too as I doubt you will get an 18A anywhere

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