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Infini Plus Frequency setting

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I am from Pakistan. i have recently installed INFINI 3K PLUS. with 2000W pv input. i am facing a problem with my Grid electricity. its frequency is not at all stable. it jumps till 50.5 but the volts r stable around 227V. the reason of unstable grid frequency is my community  uses Generator to fill the huge load gap in summers. i wanted to aks u if i could change the maximum Frequency settings? will it harm the inverter? if it is safe plz let me know the Factory Password to change the Max. frequency settings. i hope the Factory Password is same as yours. waiting for reply


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Same issue here for infini 3KW plus. grid frequency goes up to 50.8 Hz can some one please send the master password to change grid tie frequency.

I also downloaded the Mac solar power 1.09 from http://www.giantpower.com.au/downloads/ three times BUT every time i open it , it says software broken  can any one please send me ALTERNATE LINK for Mac solar Power 1.09 , Its also not available at http://www.ostrovni-elektrarny.cz/index.php?page=podpora . Regards

P.S. Do i need to change firm ware as well and how to do it . Regards

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