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PowerBank, latest addition to the Omnipower brand by Sinetech

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The PowerBank is a high power and compact 48 V, 6.5 kWh energy storage solution capable of being discharged to 80% for approximately 5000 discharge cycles.

The PowerBank can easily handle 6.5kW continuous power draw as well as a 10kW in rush capability whereas the “other” very well-marketed Li battery (at the time of article release: 6 May 2016) can only deliver 3.3kW of power.

The Omnipower Lithium-Ion storage system is extremely cost effective even when compared to high-cycle lead-acid batteries; this is mainly due to The PowerBank’s longevity and high cycle life. In order to compare the costs of The PowerBank with that of lead-acid we compare the Rand per kilowatt hour (R/kWh) each technology can deliver, calculated by taking the cost and total kWh over the batteries’ life time into account. The life cycle cost of The PowerBank (±5000 cycles) is approximately R 1.85 / kWh compared to that of a high cycle lead-acid battery (±1500 cycles), which is approximately R 3.65 / kWh. From this it can be seen that The PowerBank comes in at almost half the life-cycle cost when compared to lead acid batteries.

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1 hour ago, superdiy said:

From this it can be seen that The PowerBank comes in at almost half the life-cycle cost when compared to lead acid batteries.

That's a rather horrible generalisation. You can't conclude, from comparing with HIGH CYCLE batteries that the cost is half that of (all) lead acids. You have to compare with a proper lead acid, and the cost is much closer to R2.50 per kwh for a decent deep cycle lead acid (such as the Trojan series of batteries). I mean, the PowerBank still wins... but lets be fair shall we :-) In addition, I am certain I've seen high end (expensive!) PzS lead acids break the R2 barrier... of course you're going to need a lot more lead dunked in acid buckets for that... but still, let's be fair :-)

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