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Inverter VS solar panel spec

Solar newbie

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Good day everyone,hope that u are all well? 

I was wondering if anyone can help me with a solar configuration. 

I have 8 x Canadian 315w Solar panels wit the following specs. 

Vmpp 33.1v

Impp 9.52A

Voc 39.9v

And I have a 5kw inverter with the following specs. 

Mppr operating voltage 60v~115vdv

Max pv array open circuit voltage 145v

So the question is can I connect 2 strings in parallel with 4 panels in series in a string this will give me max 132.4v in the pv array but I'm not sure if the operating voltage will be within the limits of the inverter?



Kind regards 



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22 hours ago, Hannes Bester said:

Voc 39.9v

That's at 25°C. At 0°C, it will be more like 42.7 V, or 128 V for 3S. Doable, but other owners have found that 2S works a lot better than 3S for lots of reasons. [ Edit: this advice is for 72-cell panels; these appear to be 60 cell (120 half-cells). ]

4S is totally out of the question. Since you have an even number of panels, 2S4P will work out best.

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7 hours ago, Hannes Bester said:

Thanks for the reply 2s4p was the original plan but then I thought the voltage will be to close to the minimum operating range of the inverter. But I'll have to stick with it. 

60-cell panels are indeed best 3S. 315 W must be right on the border between 60-cell and 72-cell panels at present for Canadian Solar.

It would be better then if you can afford the money and roof space to add one more panel and wire 3S3P.


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