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Battery Settings - Axpert / Narada x2


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Hello all.

I am upgrading from one Narada 48NPFC100 to two and was wondering from those who have done similar, so it effect your battery settings on the inverter?


Currently I have the following configured via ICC

Bulk charge - 52.5
Float charge - 51.0
Battery cut-off - 43.0

Back to grid - 45.0 (this was dropped from 46.0 as I was getting false returns in a load kicked in and the battery was under 50% SOC)
Back to discharge - 48.0

I am using SOC to control the inverter, with To SUB set at 21% and to Solar SBU at 40%

Everything is currently working perfectly. The only issue I some times have is a large load kicking in with a lowish SOC causing ICC to switch back to Utility before 21%. Hoping two batteries will help this, although this is not the reason for the purchase of the 2nd.

Thanks in advance

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