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ICC Software Questions

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Hi All. I have an AXpert 5KW inverter also connected to utility power ( eskom ), with 9 x 360w Canadian solar panels and 4 x Probe 12TE220 ( http://www.probegroup.co.za/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=gHjZzUNluW0%3d&portalid=0 ) batteries. With this I have the ICC software with the victron BVM700. This system is hosting a critical server room drawing +- 950w 24/7. System is setup in UPS mode. In general ( for now ) I would like to save the batteries as most as possible and have them charged at 100% ready for when there no utility power at night. 

I have some questions would would love some help on this:

  1. I've used the "Use time for control" from 0900-1600. System switches over from utility to Battery(solar) mode at 0900, but does not switch back to utility at 1600. It only switches back when the PV voltage reaches 0v. My guess is that this has something to do with the "charge source priority" and the "output source priority" which is currently set to "utility first" ? any help :-)
  2. Under the "Use time for control" I have 3 option, utility, SBU, SUB. What is the difference between SBU and SUB? how does this work?
  3. Under "inverter setting" currently battery type is set to flooded. I guess this is wrong? But what should the charging current, Back to grid voltage, Bulk charging voltage, and Float charging voltages be with these batteries I have: ( http://www.probegroup.co.za/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=gHjZzUNluW0%3d&portalid=0 )

Some system screenshots below. 

Thanks for all the help in advance, and let me know if you have any questions.






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Hi CDK Jnr

I see your time setting is set up with the day hours as SUB, only the Axpert King supports SUB, I do not think your Axpert will support that, only Utility or SBU. Had the same issue on my side, then Centurion Solar helped me out here, showing the mistake, switched over to SBU, now it switches on time morning and afternoon.

But as per your post, you do not want the batteries to be draining during the day if you do not have sufficient PV. This will be a challenge on your Axpert as you will either have to run only Utility or accept that the inverter will use PV and supplement with battery if there is not enough watts coming in.

If you bought your ICC through Centurion Solar, you can give them a call for help on other settings as they are very helpful, they might be able to advise better on a solution that could help with your batteries, maybe by playing around with the back to grid voltage. If you keep this quite high, you can still run SBU during the day, but limit the drain on the batteries and keep the SOC high.

Hope this helps

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Just to clarify

Utility - Only Utility, no PV, no battery
SUB - Solar First, Then Utility, Then Battery (Not supported by Axpert, only Axpert King). Load will be balanced between solar, then utility and only use battery as last resort
SBU - Solar First, Then Battery, Then Utility. Load will be balanced between solar and battery, solar as priority, if load is to high, then supplemented from battery, but if SOC is below your back to grid voltage (mine set to voltage giving 20%), will switch over to grid until the SOC is back to where it will go back to discharge

Hope this answers your question

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