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Your Insight Please: Growatt 3-in-1 vs. Selling my first born child for a Victron to use with either Pylontech or Narada

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I thought I'd register as this forum came up a lot on my searches when looking for info about Pylontech and Narada batteries. Those are the only two LiFePo4 brands available here in Peru. The batteries are all 48v. So I thought I'd create an account.

I'm trying to design a system around about 9-10kwh of daily use for a remote cabin in the high jungle.

I've got Victron and Growatt for inverters/charge controllers.

I'm not too keen on the prices of victron stuff as I'm on a pretty tight budget, so the Growatt is attractive. But, I want something that will work easily and not be a pain in the neck, and I don't want to have to modify anything for at least twenty years. I saw one verrrrrrry long post on here talking about Growatt with Pylontech. It sounds really complicated.

Are the growatt units more compatible perhaps with the 48v 100ah Narada batteries? That would be the absolute cheapest option for me. It'd be great if that solution was optimal.

Otherwise it sounds like the only surefire bet is to sell my first born and go with Pylontech + Narada.

Any insights please?

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Welcome to the forum!

Similar thread here

I can't talk much to Growatt, I can say that I'm very happy with my Victron setup. Yes it's more expensive, but it does everything I want as simply as I want, or as complicated as I want. They really are great systems, but buy what you can afford.

Maybe we can point you in a better direction if you tell us what you're wanting to achieve with the system, are you wanting to be off-grid completely? Just have a battery backup system? What are your loads like?


I recently got a Pylontech battery, very happy with it. Don't think Victron supports Narada out of the box, not sure what specific battery you're looking at either - just in case, go lithium now and don't even think about lead acid :)


One nice thing with Victron is you can make it modular, so buy an inverter and battery now, add an MPPT and solar later, then another battery etc.

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