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Kodak King Startup Issue.


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Good Day, 

I would like to get some information regarding the Kodak King start-up after the Low battery voltage has been reach. 

The inverter is connected to the grid and PV array with two 3.5 Kw Pylontech batteries. 

In this scenario the mains failed and the inverter took over in battery mode until the low cut off was reached(this was at night so no pv) , the inverter batteries switched off as expected.

The next morning the mains came back and PV was available but the inverter stayed off until it was manually resettled.

Is the anything that can be changed to do an auto start-up when one of the supplies comes back  ? 




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 It is very likely that your Pylontechs reached the low point cut off and turned off to protect themselves.

The only solutions that could help is ICC which will force the inverter to Grid mode based on SOC or set up the communication link between the inverter and Pylontech batteries

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