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Please Help: New to Solar with Endless Issues

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Hi, I am new to the Solar world and need help. I recently purchased a system with 6 x 410 Watt Canadian Panels, 5Kva High Voltage Growatt Inverter and a 5.8 Solarwise Lithium Battery. I have had endless issues with the install and now the installers don't want to help (full Payment was made).

The first day of the install everything was running fine until the morning (it has been 10 days since the install with no help from the installer). Then the system did not cutover to solar automatically without me having to trip the switch forcing it to Solar and now this morning everything stopped working the inverter went into Error 56 and we don't know how to reset/fix it.Called the installer, told not his problem. We have now bypassed the Inverter and running only from Eskom. According to the manual Error 56 states that the battery connection in open. Hubby checked the wiring and everything look fine.

The 013- setting was changed to 53V day before yesterday to check if the system will do cutover to Solar automatically (recommended by someone on another forum), Hubby was monitoring via the ShinePhone App yesterday and the battery was running down to 10% We got scared and thought that maybe that setting was going to run the battery to 0% so we changed it back to 54V yesterday evening .

The last 3 days in JHB were very overcast and we were running only on Eskom, Inverter was not in error mode all this time. We started getting sun this morning but we did not manually cutover to the Solar we left it to run from the Grid. (Not sure if the fact that we did not have sun for a while contributed to the issue).

We have switched tripped the power going to the inverter from the house and then switched off the inverter and batteyr and switched it back on again but the error is still there. The inverter did not fully switch off as the LCD was still showing us the power it was getting from the Panels and Battery. The power button on the inverter is currently off and i have attached what it is displaying in this state. 

The settings on the inverter currently is as follows

001- SBU

005 - LI

012 - 46V

013 - 54V

014 - CSO

019 - 54V

020 - 54V

021 - 45,5V

We don't know what to do. If anyone can help us...not sure if we can try something or I need to get another installer to come out and assist with the settings. Right now my Solar and Battery is sitting idle.

We have spent alot of money on this and it took us 3 years to finally take the plunge (getting into Credit Card debt 😞 ) used the installers that the company we bought the product from forced us to (we were told that if we don't use their installers they cannot guarantee the products for us) and to be treated like this is heartbreaking.

I will really appreciate any help...

Thank you


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This is terrible and creates such a bad name for solar suppliers and installers alike! Firstly please name and shame the installer and the supplier so everyone can be made aware not to use their services or buy product from them.

Do you have a PV Combiner box and can you switch off the Solar Panels?

Do you have a fuse switch between the battery and the inverter? Because that error says the the fuse between the battery and the inverter is blown or there is loose connection between the battery and the inverter.

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I do not know this inverter, however this is what I think is happening. The inverter will not switch over to pv power if it does not generate the required power. As far as I know it will use mains power until the required power is available. When you switch off the mains power it will work because it  will use pv power and battery power to make up the difference and your battery will run flat.

If your house is drawing 2kw and the the pvs are producing 1.9kw it will not switch to pw. Also remember if you have 2.4kw of pv power available at optimum, most of the day you will have much less power available. Your pvs are just enough to boil a kettle and nothing else if you at optimum.

A mix of power of pv and mains that works seamlessly as far as I know only works with a hybrid unit.

This is bad news I think if you thought you could run off pv power.

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We have changed all the light fittings to LED, Gas stove and Solar Geyser. According to the App we are pulling between 400 - 700W at most so the Panels should be enough. We are planning to increase the solar panels by another 6 x 410 W Canadian Panels by December and adding another battery. We cut the power to the inverter and re-started it back up again it worked the error cleared. But we noticed that some of the settings were reverted to the default. We have not had alot of sunlight this week but since this change the inverter has not errored out. Waiting for enough sunlight to see if the inverter will cutover automitically at the moment solar is charging the battery by the little it is producing, once the battery is charged the house is running on battery for some time and then back to Utility

We now realised that the installer did not connect the Battery and Inverter to use the batteries BMS system. We are trying to get a RJ45 cable done for us in order for us to use the batteries BMS system as the cable did not come in the box with the battery.


Can you help me with setting 19 Bulk Charging Voltage currently set at 54.6v ,setting 20 Floating Charging Voltage currently at the default of 54v and 21 Low DC cut-off voltage, it is currently that the default of 42v . I have a 48v,  120Ah, 5.8 Kva Lithium Battery. What should this be set at.



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7 hours ago, Ayesha said:

Can you help me with setting 19 Bulk Charging Voltage currently set at 54.6v ,setting 20 Floating Charging Voltage currently at the default of 54v and 21 Low DC cut-off voltage, it is currently that the default of 42v . I have a 48v,  120Ah, 5.8 Kva Lithium Battery. What should this be set at.


Do you perhaps have more information on the battery? If it is a 15 cell Life battery, the charge Voltage might be too high.

I can propose the following :

Bulk Charge : 52.5V

Float : 51.8V

Also setting 12 should be 48V then the battery will not drain completely (if this is your 'point back to Utility' setting?

Setting 13 to 51 V (back to battery)

If you can give this a try? It may be that the battery BMS protects itself from the high voltage (as 54V sounds more like flooded battery settings).

Let us know 

Kind Regards 

Jaco P

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Thank you so much I have changed the settings and the system is working no more errors, switching over to Solar automatically.

We are so happy to see it working automatically.

Thank you to everyone that assisted me. I have gained alot of knowledge on how this works.

We plan on expanding by adding more solar panels hopefully by next month. 

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