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"Airbattery" Compressed air energy storage system.


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Good day,

While doing some research into alternative ways to store extra solar energy and then subsequent research into compressed air energy storage I happened to stumble across the below website. Their claims of "90% round trip efficiencies" is quite impressive but I am also skeptical due to the generally low efficiency of most other CAES'.                                                     Has anyone had any experience with them or know if their claims have any validity?

Link to page - https://www.recor.co.za/power-storage-compressed-air-


Thanks in advance!

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12 hours ago, Ross02 said:

compressed air energy storage

I think the compressed air vessel will also fall under additional SANS regulations due to pressure vessels that need to be pressure tested every few years. 

This type of storage would probably only be viable for big industrial type applications if looking at their target market - “ Eco-mc² Storage Systems ranges from 40KWH to many MWH stored. “

At a minimum of 40KWh compressed air system that is equivalent to a lot of batteries. That Seems to indicate where it becomes cost effective to install compressed air storage.

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