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2V300Ah Gel batteries + Victron BMV702 Battery Monitor


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Hi guys,

I have 2 sets of 48v300Ah gel batteries in 2v cells.

1 set i had been using for a little over a year and since install, i cycled it maybe a handful of times. I had a maximum of 500w as backup for loadshedding.

We did have the odd 24 hour power cut and max discharge on these days were no more than 20%, battery bar always showed full. These babies kept me going.

other set is basically brand spanking new, i had Jaco Go-Solar hook it up ( together with the set above) when he installed my solar system, but within 3 days i realized i rather just buy the Pylontech batteries and get an ESS going straight away. So this set got a top up charge and is now waiting for a new owner.

Price for the used battery is R900 per 2v300Ah and R1100 for the new one. 

Victron BMV702 monitor R2000 (NEW) 

If you need more info, please PM me.


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6 hours ago, DeepBass9 said:

That's a good price for a battery bank that size. What's the life expectancy on the 2V cells?

See spec sheet attached

To give some perspective, I imported the 12v100Ah (same factory as this 2v300Ah) back in 2014 , and had this going well for 5 years until 2019 when i realized my long hours backup time was slowly reducing, and Eskom/Council was extremely unstable in my area.

So imported the 2v300Ah to make sure i am covered for up to 2 days.



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