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Connecting batteries for grid tied solar battery bank


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Hello, I am planning on installing a grid tied solar system at my home. I have done the calculations and it seems that 5 12V 200AH deep cycle lead-acid batteries will be sufficient for my purpose. My question now is how should these batteries be connected? Combination of series and parallel? Any guidance will be much appreciated.

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Hi George

Bloubul is right. Unfortunately if you are planning on using lead acid, AGM, etc, you will have to work according to your planned inverter setup and series the batteries to get to the needed voltage. Usually 24V of 48V. That will mean either 2 x 12V in series or 4 x 12V in series.

Remember Series = multiples of voltage
Parallel = multiples of amps

So practical

5 x 200ah 12V batteries in series = 60V 200ah (no such inverter I know of)
5 x 200ah 12V batteries in paralles = 12V 1000ah (would not advise using a 12V inverter)

Both setups (series or parallel) will give the same Watts

The problem with these batteries is that you will need to try and future proof as much as possible as it is not advisable to expand your battery bank, mixing old and new together if you need more capacity in the future.

This is where lithium is much more versatile as you can expand on a modular basis.

The question regarding battery capacity is a complex one, where you need to think carefully of what you are going to need the batteries for. Are they purely as backup when the grid is off? Do you want to cycle them every day and use in combination with PV, will you be charging them from PV or utility.

Maybe share your needs and planned setup here and the forum will be able to give you great advice on what would be the optimal setup for your needs and budget

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