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Loads of questions. Apologies in advance.

If I have a 5Kva Quattro and add another to each phase so that I have a 3 phase Quattro setup...is that a 3 Phase 5Kva setup or a 3 phase 15Kva setup?

Early days on this but the thinking on this is the original Quattro is 10 years old and we wonder what the actual life span of a quality Inverter actually is. If we bought 2 new 5Kva Quattro's and put one on each phase (of course would have to re-wire the DB to balance the loads) then when the original old Quattro lets go one day in the future there are still 2 phases UP for us to use ...its sort of a back up plan for inverters keeling over and dying on us (because you just know the inverter is going to die at 10PM on a Saturday night during a wild storm lashing the area in the middle of a very prolonged load shedding incident - and still have 2 phases up going strong...its a comforting thought).

If one were to opt for a single 3 phase inverter (that is one box with all 3 phases on the one inverter box) and that inverter dies, then its light out. More expensive to go for 3 single phase inverters all joined together, but as the saying goes....2 is 1 , 1 is none (or in this case 3 is 1, 1 is none ??)

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2 hours ago, Solaris said:

OMG, I would have to reinforce my roof before I mount one of those! 😳

At that size and weight I would only use it in a ground mount array. 

Well not really. 2 of my Canadian 420w is around 56kg. With the heavy weights, you get double the capacity at less weight and a slightly smaller footprint

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2 hours ago, Delta9 said:

when are these big boys going to be available in SA ? I am up for it/them

I think more importantly will be how much do they cost. I’ve noticed that higher wattage panels tend to start off a lot more expensive. 1 advantage I guess it’s more difficult to steal. 

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9 hours ago, Vassen said:

1 advantage I guess it’s more difficult to steal. 

There's that for sure. But if you have been targeted, short of a double barrel shot gun (9mm has no stopping power) there is not much you can do.

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