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I need advise on small off grid system

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Hi all, I’m new to Power Forum and seeking advise.
I’m building a 12m-container home for a remote off grid mountain cottage in the Cederberg.
I need power for 5 lights, laptop and phone chargers, an 800w microwave, a TV and a small stereo. Will also have a 24v water pump, which will be used once a day to top up the roof fresh water tank. Might at add another DC pump for the daily grey water tank discharge. All cooking and hot water will be gas.
Daily power needs will not to exceed 3KW per day, and not all devices on at once. Might have to increase power requirements once I’ve stayed in it for a while.
-    AC and DC i.e DC lights, DC charges, even DC microwave with maybe 2x AC plugs to a small inverter
-    Or all AC devices working off a bigger inverter
-    24v or 48v
-    Due to space limitations I will go with a Lithium-ion battery – recommendations please
-    I have space on roof top deck cover for 3x 2m panels, so about 900w – is this enough to power my requirements
-    I am renting out the accommodation, so there will be an 90% occupancy, but system have clear monitoring of power usage and “idiot proof” in event of fault rectification
-    Should I go for a combined all in one or a separate charge controller and a separate inverter
-    I need advice on reliable system components

Note: I am very able and competent in electrical wiring, power safety switching, wire gauge requirements, etc (I have installed and maintained 12/24v solar systems on a yachts for a number of years


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