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I have taken over a system which requires attention.

The system:

3 x meccer 5 kva inverters (linked to each to produce 60 amp backup)

3 sets of 4 x 100 amp/hr (48 volts) lead acid batteries (total 12 batteries)

A panel with a 60 amp manual changeover. 

A panel with the supply cable and 3 geyser circuits not connected to the inverter. A cable from this panel to a Sub DB's around the property.

The system ran for about 3 years. Then the backup time became shorter and shorter until one day there was a rotten egg smell. The system was installed in cupboard in the middle of the house ( by others). I bypassed the inverter and removed everything.


We selected the 4 best batteries and tried to connect them to 1 of the inverters, it worked for 1 night the next morning it went bang, we havent been able to find anyone who can repair it yet.

It is almost time to install the system in a new location and upgrade a few things, hence the thread.  I have installed a few inverters, mostly just small single units with 12 and 24 VDC batteries.

I need to make sure I get it right, from the location to the cabling layout, fuse and battery selecltion. I want to look into a better management/monitoring system to log events, battery SOC and DOD and system efficiency.

The first thing that requires attention is the supply cable, the utility supply is a 25 mm cable with an 80 amp MCB in the meter box. The previous system had a 16 mm supply cable from the meter box to the inverter DB. 

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On 2020/11/05 at 4:49 PM, Barryv said:

Did you come right @isetech?

No I havent had a chance to ge tback to site.

We still cant find anyone to fix the blown unit.

The customer is not prepared to spend that kind of money on lithium batteries ... in fact it is the thing that puts 90% of potential customers off the idea of installing solar ... when i mention the price of lithium batteries ... for people who understand the value in the lithium batteries it is worth the extra cost ... but most customers just want a cheap option.




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