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Schneider Solar installation experts?


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I have the following system installed:

Schneider XW+7048 Inverter


Charge Controller MPPT 60 150


12 * 310w Renesola Solar panels 


24 * Willard RT17 560ah flooded 2V batteries





I require anyone with Schneider expertise that can check my installation, I want to make sure everything is done correctly. (Off course I will pay)

Pretoria East area




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That chimney is going to give you partial shading at some point in time.  Why was the panels not moved higher up the roof and those two next to the flat panel moved somewhere else? I'm not familiar with your inverter, but I assume one serial string of panels - if only one cell of one panel is in the shade it effects the total PV generation.

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My inverter is still using some power from the grid even when the batteries are fully charged.  It's a 7kw inverter and my usage will be 3kw then it will draw 800w from the grid. I have set Load Shaving On at 0A and Sell to grid on at 0A etc etc on the Schneider but still.   

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How do you measure the 800w? Could be just a really bad power factor.

I must get that electricity meter thing of mine onto the play store. It's an app that uses the phone camera to count flashes on the prepaid meter led and tell you your power use.

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The Schneider Inverter has a Control Panel which shows total load and power imported or exported to the Grid. Attached also a graph of elec usage of Yesterday from the Tshwane Prepaid Smart meter.My monthly usage is still about 270 units which is about 50% of my total usage.

Yesterdays consumption.JPG

Monthly Summary.JPG

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Hi lancelot,

Your charge controller is slightly undersized. The datasheet for the MPPT 60 150 states the max output power is 3500W, but this is at 60V. The limiting factor is the current output of 60A which means 2880W at 48V.

The XW+ will always draw some current from the grid if sell is disabled. Also the load shaving function will only draw down the battery voltage to the value of Grid Supp Volts setting.and will switch off completely at V= Recharge +0.5V. Have you tried enabling Enhanced Grid Support mode instead of load shave?

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Hi Lancelot,

Just stumbled on this post.

Did you manage to get a true Schiender installer who understands this system?

i had my system installed awhile back, however i have the same issues. I have two 60/150 MPPT, with a 5.5Kw solar panel capacity.

I seem to max out at 3200w daily generation irrespective of the sun being high and also have the system constantly drawing from the grid.


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