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Noise: Victron MultiPlus II 48V 3000VA

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Can anyone comment on  the expected noise  from the above  inverter please. 

I have searched online and  see comments ranging  from  silent  to  some  noise. The issue is many of  the comments  refer to  grid tied  and  they speak  of noise when inverting. I am  fully  off grid so always on  invert. We  live  in a   tiny house so the  inverter  is in  the house and  not  tucked  away in a storeroom or  garage. 

The usual  sound  is  a slight  "hum" for want  of a  better  description. Today, being  an upper  20s  hot  day in  Durban the dam kicked  in and  I  could hear that noise. It  was expected but  I would've  expected it to be more "uniform" as opposed to a  "whirring" noise. 

My concern, however , is  primarily regarding  the  usual  noise. It doesn't  bother  me but I just  want  to make  sure it is normal. 

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