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Charging speed

Simon Murrell

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Trust this message finds everyone well. I have a question. I have an InfiniSolar 10kva inverter + 8 x PylonTech batteries to make up 28kw. I have 24 x 410w Canadian solar panels on the roof charging these batteries each day. The maximum my batteries charge at is around 2900kw per on my ICC. I have been told my inverter is set to 60A and I can set it to the 200A setting to make it charge faster. I am a little bit stumped on how to change this setting. I did adjust my inverter before using some Windows based application (which I can't remember). Could someone advise me which setting to change and what software to use to do this please. 

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Hello Guys

I figured it out. I tried WatchPower but it wouldn't connect to my inverter. Found a copy of SolarPower and managed to connect to my inverter. I changed it from 60A to 200A charging. Managing to get my charging load up. Already up to 70% battery by 11h15 today. Was at 20% this morning when I woke up.




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