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Top 5 common Sunsynk installation errors

Backbone Energy

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We consulted with fifteen of our registered installers and compiled a list of the top 5 errors installers tend to make when installing Sunsynk inverters. Some of these you may know and some may be new to you. We have encountered these in the field numerous times. This does not reflect a quality error in the inverters themselves, but rather errors which occur from incorrect installation procedures.



Always ensure that you bond the neutral and earth together.


Parallel best practice

When paralleling 2 Sunsynk inverters together make sure each has its own supply breaker. Disconnect the parallel function and switch on individually.


CT Clamp

Always ensure the CT clamp is at the main incoming breaker line wire.


Prepaid meters

If the customer has a prepaid meter ensure that it has a dedicated AC plug when installing a Sunsynk.



Ensure that there is 6mm earth loops between all panels if you have PV array, with 16mm earth wire and the earth spike should read 0,60.

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