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Sunsynk 8kw Inverter


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On 2020/10/30 at 2:26 PM, Leshen said:

Installation completed today. Thanks to Steve and the team from the Powerforum store for all the help. 

Phillip Botha from XXX Electrical did my installation. Job well done. If anyone needs his contact details, please contact me. 









Please can I have his number

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Hi Leshen

Tried to a search but difficult to get a direct find on this question.

Does it make a difference in how you connect String 1 and String 2 to MPPT 1

And of course String 3 and String 4 to MPPT 2.

Looking at the available spaces, you could connect String 1 and String 2 directly onto the Inverter MPPT 1 as there are 2 positive and 2 negative connections available.

But would it make a difference if you first parallel string 1 and string 2 and then connect that to only 1 positive and 1 negative of MPPT 1?

See below illustration (just showed the positive wires for illustration):

Option 1: Direct to MPPT 1:



Versus Option 2: First parallel and then connect to MPPT 1:



I see the manual says the following:



Therefore it seems that if there is a direct connection per string to the MPPT there may be some performance gains?

Any insights on this matter will greatly assist






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