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Axpert MKSii problem - output power "weak"


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Hi All,


I have a question about this inverter that bugs me. 

My system consists out of a single Axpert MKSii, a 3.5kW Pylontech battery and 7 x 285W (was 8 panels) panels.

I purchased a second hand 1kW generator from a friend and connected it a few days ago. I started it up and decided very quickly that the output voltage of the generator was fluctuating too much for me to consider keeping it there. After that, my wife started complaining that the power is "weak".

The next morning, our washing machine did not want to drain. It seems that the pump does not want to work when it has water in the system. we replaced it and the new pump also does not work, only when there is water in, almost as if it is too weak.

Also, the refrigerator is making a strange noise and stays on for longer, to such an extent that the battery goes flat, which was not the case in the past

Could it be a setting, or did I blow something again? 

According to the inverter, it produces a constant feed of 230V and does not fluctuate


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20 hours ago, Reinhard said:

Could it be because suddenly setting 9 is 60Hz?

Wow. That generator must have been bad. So bad that the inverter somehow auto-detected 60 Hz. I didn't even realise that it would do that.

Good to know, thanks for the report.

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