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TBB Energier Pro CF4030S: 4000W / 48V Pure Sinewave Inverter / 30A Charger


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Hi All,

Selling a 4000W 30A TBB Energier Pro inverter-charger combination designed for off-grid solar and backup power solutions.

Minimal usage. Purchased December 2019. Unit sells for R15,587.00 ex. VAT at the moment

Intention was for backup solution but moving to new property which is 3 phase.

Looking to sell for R8500. Unit is located in PTA.



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Did some checking and it's not on the Pylontech compatibility lists that I can find.

In theory is should work as a simple battery sans the communication. The unit does support LFP type batteries. 

I've queried it with the reseller. Will advise once I know more.

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On 2020/10/29 at 4:46 PM, PaulinNorthcliff said:

Thanks. Standing by for your reply.

Apparently this unit doesn't support BMC comms with Pylontechs.

According to reseller: Only the CK range has full BMS compatibility with Pylontech using CAN port

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